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Hello Anna, it's nice that you want to tell us your story. Please introduce yourself.

I'm 23 years old and currently a master's student in electrical engineering. In my free time I exercise a lot (soccer, Freeletics and since a few weeks CrossFit) and I like to play the clarinet.

What was the trigger for your weight loss wish?

This constant feeling of discomfort in your own body and little things that you encounter again and again in everyday life (e.g. when some shops are simply not on your radar when you go shopping because nothing will fit, or it just gets uncomfortable when friends start talking about weight, ...) . A few years ago I had already lost a good 20 lbs (wrongly and therefore not sustainably) and I always knew that losing weight would work again at some point. I also just wanted to live a healthier life and still be fit later.

Anna Before

What goal did you set yourself?

I never had a specific weight goal. I just wanted to lower the number on the scale, finally eat healthy and feel good in my body.

How did you manage to lose 35 lbs?

I've always done a lot of sport - so far it has failed because of the diet. During my studies, I then started to acquire some knowledge about nutrition and at some point I also knew what was wrong - basically too many calories and too much fat, not enough protein. But I never wanted to track calories, it always seemed too time-consuming. So I tried different plans. But none of them really suited me, so I never stuck with them for long. I discovered feastr by accident and was won over from the start. The first recipes I tried tasted super delicious and the quantities were really sufficient. In November 2020 - in corona quarantine - I then decided to follow the plan really consistently and just keep going, no matter what. And that was the beginning of my weight loss story. By August 2021, 35 lbs were gone, and I'm fitter than ever.

Anna Nachher

How was feastr able to help you on your journey?

feastr formed the basis for my weight loss with the delicious recipes. It made me find joy in eating healthy, and most importantly, the app did the calorie counting for me.

What tips do you have for other feastr users?

  1. Make your own nutrition plan out of what the app offers - it has to be fun and fit into your life. If you don't have enough time, simply pre-cook several portions and meal prep for the next day, for example.
  2. Stay at it, even if you miss out on a day! The other 364 are more important. And don't lose patience. 1 lb per week is not a lot, and it is not always directly visible on the scale, so trust the process. After a longer period, you will not regret it!

What's next for you now? Have you set any other goals?

The big goal is, of course, to maintain the same healthy diet. I would also like to build a few muscles with CrossFit and just be fit and healthy for life.

Who do you want to motivate with your story?

Everyone who can perhaps identify with my story, but also those who have completely different requirements and would like to change something. Believe in yourself and stay tuned - consistency is key!