Creamy Mushroom Stew

Creamy Mushroom Stew

Enjoy our vegan recipe Creamy Mushroom Stew by feastr. Ideal to lose weight. Balanced and very tasty.

Nutritional information:

Calories2263 kJ (541 kcal)
Protein28 g
Fat14 g
Carbohydrates69 g
Fiber13 g


chef's knife, pot, cutting board, spatula, cooking spoon, colander, non-stick frying pan, bowl, Spoon, pasta colander

Recipe instructions:


Clean and thinly slice the mushrooms. Cut the green onions into rings and put both into a bowl.

  • 3.5 oz Mushrooms
    3.5 oz Mushrooms
  • 2 Green onions (~ 2.5 oz)
    2 Green onions (~ 2.5 oz)

Pour the hot vegetable broth over the vegan meat substitute until completely covered. Let sit for approx. 10 minutes and squeeze out excess liquid over the sink.

  • 0.8 oz Vegan meat substitute, strips
    0.8 oz Vegan meat substitute, strips
  • ½ cup Vegetable broth
    ½ cup Vegetable broth

Cook the pasta according to the package instructions.

  • 2.8 oz Tagliatelle
    2.8 oz Tagliatelle

Heat the canola oil in a non-stick frying pan over high heat. Fry the vegan meat substitute until golden brown and deglaze with soy sauce.

  • 1 tsp Canola oil
    1 tsp Canola oil
  • 2 tsp Soy sauce, light
    2 tsp Soy sauce, light

Turn the heat to medium, add the green onions and mushrooms and fry for approx. 3-4 minutes until the vegetables are slightly browned.


    Stir in the vegetable broth, Vegan Cream Alternative, and mustard and let simmer until the sauce is creamy.

    • 2⁄3 cup Vegetable broth
      2⁄3 cup Vegetable broth
    • 3 ⁠½ Tbsp Vegan cream alternative
      3 ⁠½ Tbsp Vegan cream alternative
    • 1 tsp Yellow mustard
      1 tsp Yellow mustard

    Season with salt and pepper and serve with the pasta.

    • Salt
    • Black pepper
      Black pepper

    Enjoy your meal!